What's the difference between Vengeance and Crossfit?

For one, we don't cheat pull-ups. Also, we never have more than 15 people per training session. This is to ensure that proper form is used. We don't tolerate reckless shit. You will always be supervised by your coach so that you can always count on the watchful eye of an expert making sure you are on track with your program and technique. We only use  programming which is based on a long-term linear progression model which builds specific strength qualities. We do not believe in the supposed value of constant variance or "muscle confusion" as referred to by bro-scientists and fantasy marketing claims.

While we too put a heavy focus on barbell, kettlebell, and body-weight movements, everything from our approach to our ideology is quite contrary to that of a Crossfit gym.


Why is membership so expensive compared to other gyms?

It's not. The monthly fee isn't for gym access. It's for an exceptional training experience which delivers results. Every time you come to train at Vengeance, you will reap more value than you could get anywhere else. This is because we provide our members with an organized, long-term training plan. On top of that, all of your training sessions will be supervised and coached. Hiring this kind of coaching/training from a private trainer or commercial gym can cost anywhere from $60-$150 per hour. Multiply that by 2 sessions per week for a month and you are looking at a $480-$1,200 monthly fee. At Vengeance, you can work on your training plan with an expert 4 times per week for as little as $150 per month.


Are you guys White Supremacists?

No. Fuck what you heard. We are Iron Supremacists. Reigning supreme in a world overrun by weaklings has nothing to do with the color of your skin.


What if I can't lift as much or do the same exercise as the people in my group?

Weights and movements are scaled to the appropriate level for each individual at Vengeance. Your coach is there to make sure that everyone is making the most of their training session. If you aren't capable of deadlifting 225 lbs for 5 reps, then we aren't doing that yet. However, training with someone who exceeds your current abilities will absolutely have a positive effect on your training experience.  


This gym is where I want to lift, but I'm following my own program. Can I still come train with the group?

Unfortunately, no. There isn't enough floor space for potentially clashing programs. Finish your program and come back when you're ready for something different. Alternatively, you can sign up for our 24/hr Access Membership and do your own thing.