this is not for everyone.

We offer a limited amount of memberships

This is because we work against the standard fitness business model. We will not sign up as many "clients" as possible and hope that most of them will not show up or soon quit. This is the Left Hand Path of Fitness. We seek only devoted, self motivated initiates and encourage them to train with us as often as possible. Please, first inquire as to whether or not your desired membership is available or if you would like to be added to the wait list.

NO Contracts

One of the many ways we ensure Vengeance is the best gym in town is by maintaining a following of only the most dedicated members. We do this by keeping a cancel-anytime, open-door policy. Unlike most commercial gyms, we will never ask you to sign a yearly or monthly contract in order to keep you coming back. Our members are people who absolutely want to be here. Say goodbye to gyms full of unmotivated, grumpy, weak people who mentally checked out months ago.

Interchangeable memberships

All of our members are billed  for their memberships on a monthly basis via autopay. Due to the fact they are not under a binding contract, they can easily cancel or switch between our three different types of membership: 3 times per week, unlimited, and open gym access once they have earned it.

we reward our members

Unlike any gym in the Nashville area (or really any that we know of), we are the only one which rewards its member's progress by significantly reducing their gym and coaching fees. Our reason for doing this is two fold:

  • People train much harder to meet their goals when they are incentivised. It's human nature. We want all of our members to be powerful examples of our training programs. Not only do we feel proud as we watch them transform before our eyes, but an incredibly fit membership base is a great way to attract inspired newcomers.

  • As our members become increasingly capable, it makes our job as strength coaches less demanding. Beginners are more time and energy consuming than their more experienced counterparts. The more advanced you become, the less you'll require of us--and we'll require less from you in return. It's simply a matter of doing what we think is right.

open - gym memberships

Would you rather train on your own? We offer traditional open-gym style memberships. In order to be eligible for this type of membership at Vengeance, one must at least meet our Minimum Strength and Technique Standards. This shows us that you can be trusted to use our space and equipment safely and respectfully. Most people who are new to barbell training cannot physically pass the test which is why we recommend they train with us either in the group or one-on-one before scheduling a test-out. Typically 1-3 months of training will prepare a novice lifter to pass our minimum standards. Those interested in membership, already up for the challenge, send us an email!


Out of town and looking for a place to lift?

We're happy to have you come lift here instead of anywhere else. The drop-in fee is the purchase of a T-shirt. All we ask is that you first drop us a line letting us know when you plan on stopping by. Once you're here we'll show you around and make sure to answer whatever questions you may have.