this is not for everyone.

We offer a limited amount of memberships

This is because we work against the standard fitness business model. Vengeance is more of a community project than it is a commercial entity. We will not sign up as many "clients" as possible and hope that most of them will not show up or soon quit. This is the Left Hand Path of Fitness. We seek only devoted, self motivated initiates and encourage them to train with us as often as possible. Please, first inquire as to whether or not your desired membership is available or if you would like to be added to the waitlist.

NO Contracts

One of the many ways we ensure Vengeance is the best gym in town is by maintaining a following of only the most dedicated members. We do this by keeping a cancel-anytime, open-door policy. Unlike most commercial gyms, we will never ask you to sign a yearly or monthly contract in order to keep you coming back. Our members are people who absolutely want to be here. Say goodbye to gyms full of unmotivated, grumpy, weak people who mentally checked out months ago.

24 hour access membership

$65 / Month to month automatic payments. No contract, No startup fee, No cancellation fee. Membership grants 24 hour access to the facility. Upon signing up, members will receive a key that they can can use 24/7/365.

Strength Kvlt - group training Membership

$200/ Month to month automatic payments. Strength Kvlt Membership is only for individuals who wish to be consistently directed and held towards high achievement standards. Members of the kvlt receive expert coaching up to 4 times per week in a small group, team-oriented setting**. Each kvlt member receives a weekly training program, has constant access to his/her coach and is granted 24 hour access to the gym. Due to the in exclusivity of this type of membership (we keep only 15 kvlt members), kvlt members quickly bond together through the heavy demands of training, competition, camaraderie, and accountability. 

**Group Training at Vengeance is not synonymous with workout classes or "bootcamps". We offer training with the most literal use of the word. Group Training is physical activity performed alongside others, with a longer-term goal in mind, the constituent workouts of which are specifically designed to produce that goal.

Couple's Membership

$100/month will reduce the $65/month individual rate to $50/month for our 24 Hour Access Membership. $300/month will reduce the $200/month individual rate to $150/month for our Strength Kvlt Membership. Intended for spouses / girlfriends / boyfriends/ roomates. The membership will be charged to one account. Couple’s membership cannot be split between two accounts.