Are you unable to train with us in our physical location? No Truce Online Coaching a will allow you to reap the benefits of our training methods from afar. Our online clients receive detailed training plans, straight to their smartphones, every week.

Submitting an application is the logical next step. However, before you do so, get clear on what we look for in an online trainee.

Our members are often the most useful, hard working people, no matter what situation they may find themselves. Whether it be family, work, or personal life, all of our trainees are consistent, reliable, hard-minded people. Hard to kill, yet pleasing to the eye.

Regardless of individual goals, our training philosophy will always stand firm on its original intent: to produce strong, muscular, capable people with versatile strength and mental resilience.

Through prioritizing strength, power, and athletic conditioning, our clients become tough, solid, hard-muscled specimens of inner and outer dominance.

We like to know our client’s aspirations and interests, however it’s we who design the training program. In order to see goals met efficiently and injury free, we make it a point not to entertain, distract, or pamper anyone during their coaching experience.

Online coaching is compatible with:

Novice BARBELL trainees who are ready to begin transitioning into a more intermediate program.

Intermediate BARBELL trainees who wish to become more proficient lifters.

Proficient BARBELL lifters who do not want the personal responsibility of self-programming.

Personal trainers, coaches, and gym owners who want to save time while also learning from another experienced coach as well.

(If you are unsure about your training status, learn where you fall on the strength standards by visiting this website.)

Online coaching is not for:

Complete beginners (untrained): If this describes your current state, find a coach for in-person training. You’re welcome back once you have some strength and skill under your belt.

Soft people: Lazy, self-defeated, disorganized people who require motivation in order to simply leave the couch. Self-devotion, personal drive, and the propensity for hard work; any individual who lacks any or all of these qualities should look elsewhere.

Advanced lifters: If you are an experienced lifter, regularly demonstrating an exceptional level of strength and skill, we would like to refer you a more suitable coach instead of taking you in as our own.

All applicants must have a firm grasp on the basics of lifting and movement. We cannot take anyone who lacks at least 3 months of focused skill development under the barbell.

All applicants are thoroughly vetted before approval. Approved individuals will undergo a brief on-boarding phase before enlistment. This often entails a brief phone call.

All trainees must commit to a minimum of 3 months.

Individual Design

Monthly Programming . True Coach training app . Bi-monthly check-ins . $115 billed monthly OR $92 with a 6 month commitment (20% off) . Recommended for experienced lifters. Not all novices can be approved.

Total Coaching

Individual program design . True Coach training app . Weekly check-ins . Unlimited in-app coach-to-trainee messaging . Unlimited in-app video / form review . $150 billed monthly OR $120 with a 6 month commitment (20% off) . %20 off VSK gear w/ 6 month commitment. Recommended for all serious lifters who want a more thorough training experience.

If you are primed for serious strength training, and wired for progress, step forward and submit an application to the cult.


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