Online Training

All of our programs are designed to make us stronger and more aesthetic in the most practical, sustainable way possible. We are not powerlifters, bodybuilders, or Cross-fitters. We are Strength Worshipers. Therefore, we implement a broad range of training wisdom. We understand that there are no shortcuts when it comes down to creating anything of significance. Every training variable is fiercely scrutinized and field-tested before prescribed. This is our trade-blood and we approach our craft wholeheartedly.


Individualized Online Coaching

As a lifter who has finally transcended the novice stage (novice being defined as a lifter who can make progress in the gym multiple times per week) your primary goal should be landing a suitable program which can help you make your transition from beginner to advanced a no-brainer. Advanced beginners and intermediates are not immune to shitty programs either. The vast majority of lifters waste years, dollars, and effort in the gym trying to find the way on their own. Not everyone can write a good program. We can help you.



Online strength kvlt

A much more cost effective way to have the VSK strength training programs at your disposal. Those who enlist in the OSK will not only have access to the ever-evolving training programs we here at Vengeance use every week, but our remote guidance along the way as well.


one hour consultation

Offering our most ernest guidance on training and nutrition to those who seek it out. 

$75 / consultation


form check

We provide this service so that individuals who train without the eyes of a coach can have their form affordably diagnosed, whenever they see fit. Customers will receive a full analysis within 24 hours after we have received payment and reviewed the necessary video submissions (3 targeted angles of the same movement). Currently, only barbell squats, overhead presses, deadlifts and bench press form checks are being offered.

$25 / Single Lift
$75 / Four Lifts