online strength kvlt - Limited to 10 members

There are countless reavers and outcasts dedicated to strength as those of us, here at VSK. However, there is only one physical location. The OSK is our first attempt at filling that void. Until we mobilize in order to scour the wastelands in search of the Plains of Silence, setting up butcher shops along our path, you may choose to sate your thirst for battle by becoming one of our extended kvlt members.

We can only accept 10 members at a time into the OSK in order to ensure that all of it's members are thoroughly directed.

Limited to 10 members

$65 / month


a cheaper alternative to coaching

The majority of lifters do not require hyper specialized programming in order to see results from their time spent training. This is mainly due to the fact that most lifters are not strong...yet. However, what all lifters should be doing (all ranks) is following some sort of program which has been carefully designed to progress the athlete's training stimulus while simultaneously managing training fatigue. Our programs never fail to address these practicalities.

With an OSK membership, trainees gain access to the ongoing VSK training program, while also being granted online support and accountability. From our kvlt to yours, this membership allows groups and/or individuals to perform the exact training protocols we at VSK perform together on a daily basis.

If you are a barbell-centric lifter in need of practical programming delivered right to your inbox year-round, this is for you.



As stated above, our programs are what you could call "Barbell Centric". Basically, all this means is that we uphold the 4 Big lifts as the most effective means for building strong bodies. With that, barbell training is most effective in transforming less than ideal human specimens into golden gods. It is the best barometer for strength and the skills cultivated under the bar have the most "real life" transference. Here at Vengeance, barbells are sacred relics with which to do perform human alchemy, all other means of training are viewed as inferior at best. If you are following a VSK program, you should anticipate using a barbell from time to time.



Joining the OSK is simple. Click the "sign up" button. You will be prompted to submit a contact form. Type "OSK Enlistment" in the subject line and briefly describe why you should be 1 out of 10 in the OSK. We will respond within 24 hours.