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Full Moon Ritual

All members are invited to join us as we test our strength under the power of the full moon. This gathering is a great opportunity for all members who are either confident they can meet the MKS once and for all OR those who would simply like to see how far their capabilities have come. Bring a friend, family member, or some booze to aid in your ritual declaration against fragility.

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OPEN HOUSE - Opening Day
to Jul 16

OPEN HOUSE - Opening Day

Starting at 3 o'clock, post meridiem, July 15th, Vengeance Strength Kvlt will officially be open to the public. The team will be hosting prospective member tours, consultations, membership sales, on-boarding strength tests and body measurements until 7pm. The first 20 prospective members to follow through with signing up on this day will be gifted with a discount of 20% off their first month of training.

After all the minors have been forced to leave the premises, grilling, toasting, showing off, and ample amounts of fuckery will inevitably commence. If anyone is actually still here at midnight....good for you. Have a blast.

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