total visions of war

to reform the way training is approached and experienced.

Our ideology is simple: Weakness is a sickness which rapidly degenerates the quality of body and mind. The dominant fitness culture is selling you a shallow concept of exercise, keeping you weak and misinformed. Taking the first step towards the eradication of this cancer is the most important thing which you may ever do. It means taking up the ritual of proper training. It means purging the willfully weak people out of your life. It means the burning away of everything and everyone which does not benefit you. Therefore, we at Vengeance, battle weakness here and at home, pledging to help you do the same. 

In order to put our vision into practice:

  • The Barbell Comes First: The pursuit of absolute strength should take precedence before all other training goals. Whether it's to become healthier, more athletic, bigger, or smaller, members of Vengeance are expected to become strong barbell lifters.

  • Train in small groups: Groups which are small enough to be adequately coached and observed, but substantial enough to engender the vital energy of peer pressure, comradery, and competition.

  • Personal Training is too expensive and most people don't get great value from it: There is a time and place for everything. And sometimes it's necessary. However, most people don't need it after they have learned the basics of movement and performance. Bringing us back to small group training again--the same quality of training and accountability at less than half the cost.

  • Your exercise needs to be organized into a program which progresses day after day, week after week, month after month: Simply put, if your training plans are not evolving, neither will you. Most trainers and group fitness establishments know this, yet they put forth absolutely no effort in providing you with intelligent, progressive exercise programming. Instead, they sell you the same generic slop they feed to everyone else. It's cheaper and less time consuming. Stop eating Happy Meals and start learning how to cook like a chef.

  • All training is sacrifice and you should be making sacrifices as often as possible: As the saying goes, "If you don't sacrifice what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice." At Vengeance we regard training as a daily ritual sacrifice or the highest level of personal hygiene. We realize that not everyone can train everyday, but unlike most every other gyms we want you coming in and training as much as possible. This is why we've kept the cost of the  unlimited membership as low as possible.

  • People are capable beyond what they can imagine: We refuse to enable the typical "I can't" attitude. It is here where you will actually be pushed to train up to and beyond your capabilities. Yes, we will guide you every step of the way using great programming. We've done our best to stock our space with the most important tools and equipment to get you there. However, this is secondary. We are aiming to achieve an environment which breeds a new culture of strong individuals who train together and train often.

to offer something genuine to the world of fitness: 

Most fitness instructors and personal trainers forget that they are in the field of fitness education: "Forgetting" is giving them the benefit of the doubt. If your trainer is not preparing you to eventually train on your own, then your trainer is not training you. He's being the typical opportunistic asshole. At Vengeance, our training model and methodology is based on arithmetic and linear strength progression. We see it as our duty to instill this information into everyone we teach, so that one day they will outgrow us and rightfully become a beacon of light to someone else.

If your gym relies on the marketing of it's "high energy workouts", intense music, and cool lighting: You shouldn't expect anything more than a mixture of entertainment and pointless fatigue during your time there. Want to get sweaty and sore? That isn't necessitated by half your income--nor is it an indication that you had a meaningful time at the gym. Your gym probably relies on you thinking it is...

Want to be skinny? You can't exercise the fat off your ass. Go ahead and try. It's certainly none of our business. At Vengeance, it's our business to make you not only stronger, but smarter than these fitness hacks. 

kvlt philosophy

The elite all do certain things in common."only the inferior strive for equality."   

First off, they seek out real coaches. Not some 10 cent bootcamp class. As much as you might already know about training, solid coaching will provide feedback, motivation, and and a new perspective that is impossible to reach on your own.

They also train with their own kind. Groups small enough so that they can be monitored and coached but large enough to experience the energy which stems from peer pressure, camaraderie, competition, and accountability (but not so large that you get lost or overwhelmed). Face it, you know are going to train harder when you are around a few other like-minded people with similar abilities and goals.

Lastly, they conform to progressive programs that follow an evidence-based approach and have specific performance goals. At Vengeance, we’ve developed a list of performance standards that all members must eventually meet in order to keep their memberships-- as well as higher and higher goals to strive for. Our entire training system is based on propelling you to these goals. You’ll know exactly what your training goals are and what you are trying to achieve. Your days of ‘working out’ are over. At Vengeance, you are showing up to train.

we cannot help people who are unwilling or uninterested in change.

Vengeance is for those who seek transformation via total life reform. Vengeance is for those with the courage to deeply confront themselves--not because they loath themselves, but because they revile the weakness within.

this is not a "safe Space". 

This is not for those worried about "micro-aggressions", or who hold the white flag of "trigger warnings". We do not gather around holding hands, accepting one another's weakness to be "nice". Vengeance is designed to be confrontational in order to drive individuals to greater and greater risk, trial and reward. This is strength worship. Those who remain willfully weak in body and mind will not be tolerated. Membership at Vengeance is a privilege.

we call upon our internal destructive power to change our world.

Instead of becoming victims to life's circumstances, join the rebellion against the world's complacency and sloth. Take the Profane Oath to do battle against that force which degrades humankind into the disgusting, diseased, incapable, grey masses that you see before yourself. We leave no revenge up to the slavery of a god that does not exist.

No Truce. No Surrender.